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Always miles ahead

We are an emerging company that offers exquisite service and outstanding benefits for our drivers

Welcome to Niki Express

Dedicated Dispatch Service

Every driver in our company has a dedicated dispatcher. We are a family and during times of hardship, our drivers will always hear the same, friendly voice.

Work Hard - Play Hard

We reward extended time out and commitment to work. Company drivers with over 3000 miles weekly receive higher pay per mile. We are flexible with schedules, too!

Safety is Very Important for Us

We are dedicated to creating and sustaining a safe working environment for our drivers. Our trucks are regularly maintained and kept in good shape.

We will fuel your journey

Niki Express is a young company, built by friends and relatives. A member of our team is not only an employee—everyone is welcomed and accepted as a member of the family.

We are always miles ahead, because we use the knowledge collected over decades in the industry, and elevate it to another level with our innovative solutions gifted by the digital era.

Our mission:


We know that the foundation of our business is built by drivers' capable hands. Niki Express values dedication, quality, hard work, and we know how to reward that with special benefits for our drivers.

Company Drivers

We offer a sign-on bonus, referral bonus, safety bonus, and if you drive over 3000 miles weekly, you get a better rate.

Lease Drivers

Full maintenance is covered with truck payment. Apart from sign-on, referral and safety bonus, you get a paid vacation every six months.

Owner Drivers

We offer cargo coverage, dry vans, and flatbeds for competitive prices. Apart from all the bonuses, our revenue is above industry average.

Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of 70 trucks, and we are continuously growing. The majority of our trucks are Freightliners.

Support on the Road

In case of a breakdown, you will be prorated for the days you weren't working, and get a replacement truck until yours is fixed.

Permits are on Us

We cover IFTA, permits, plates and PrePass for our company and lease drivers. We also allow passengers and pets in the cockpit.

Our family


Miles Annually

Niki driver drives 120,000 miles on average per year.


States covered

We drive coast to coast, and everywhere in between!


Routes completed

We don't just drive from A to B, we create connections!


Happy Customers

We deliver goods across the US safely and quickly.