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Niki Express was founded in 2018, and we experienced hardships and economic crisis right off the bat.

However, when others parked their trucks and refused to drive, all our trucks were on the road, all our drivers were paid regularly, and we even got more routes, more trucks and our company experienced constant growth. During the pandemic, we kept our employees safe and their families secure. Niki Express is a family, and we know that without drivers who are working hard for us none of this would be possible!

Our company stands out from everyone else because we put our drivers first.

If our drivers are not happy and efficient, it is impossible to grow. All our employees, drivers, dispatchers, and recruiters are synchronized and work towards the same goal, and we treat them as members of our family. That's why Niki Express is Always Miles Ahead!

Patrick Smith,


Our Mission

Our mission is to keep our drivers satisfied and offer them the best working conditions in the industry, while completing every client's request.


Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the leaders in the industry, by valuing hard work, human connections and improving working conditions of our employees.


Core Values

We firmly believe that only the company based on family values, which doesn't ignore employee's requests and suggestions, can grow and stay successful.

Niki Express Journey